Hypertextual Dynamics: The Conscious Construction of Knowledge
presented by Stephanie L. Roberts
for Independent Study, Spring 1999, with Emily Golson

Overview of Literary and Educational Debates A Dialogue between Davida Charney and Wolfgang Iser
Wolfgang Iser's Literary Playground
Memory Models & Hypertext Catherine Smith's "hypertextual thinking"
Closing Questions

Welcome to an argument for hypertext as a dynamic text, much like a literary text, in which the text becomes the conscious, reader-guided construction of knowledge. This argument draws from both literary and educational bodies of research, believing that the two can inform each other. Specifically, it combines the reader-response theory of Wolfgang Iser with cognitivist theories of reading and models of memory. At any point in your navigation, you can click on a MAP icon to return to this page and to pursue a different information path. All names of authors cited are clickable for access to a reference page of works cited.