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Week 4

Wanda HardinGus MultiMedia? Speech System The Gus Multimedia Speech System includes taking word processor, conversational speech organized by topics and phrases, speaks the contents of the Windows clipboard, onscreen calculator with speech output, communication symbol library, speech synthesizer and printed manuals. The Keyboard is a text to speech program that creates an on screen keyboard with a clear voice. A person can type anything and it will speak what you have typed. It creates certain topics and phrases that can be chosen from. It also provides the calculator with speech. The cost is $1,290. The advantage of this is that it can translate words into speech, it has the calculator built in, and very easy to use. The disadvantage is the cost. It is very expensive.
Wanda HardinTracKit is used to help children to learn how to use their motor, perceptual, visual, and cognitive skills. Small children will find TracKit? amusing and fun to play. Children will learn to use visual tracking, short term memory, shoulder stabilization, motor planning, and much more. The game includes a tray, a ball bearing slider and 10 activity boards. The price is 22.00. The advantage is that it will keep small students engaged while helping them with their short term memory, motor skills and other things. It is also very affordable. The disadvantage is that depending on the age of the children; they might get tired of it quickly.

Billie Maddix Bubble Busy Box promotes finger isolation and improves manipulation, eye hand coordination, and fine motor skills. The Busy Box is great to use as a tabletop activity for one or more children to work alone or together. Children love pushing the colored buttons to activate music, lights, or vibration, or pulling the ball to make something happen.
Billie Maddix Pull Ball encourages the child to grasp the multi-colored ball. Numerous holes in the ball allow a child’s fingers to easily slip in, grasp and pull. The slightest tug activates music and lights. When released, the ball flips back into place. A child will want to reach out and pull again and again.

Judd Maddix Drop In A Bucket requires children to place a shape into the bucket. Six multi-colored lights focus the children on the bucket. When they successfylly place the object in the bucket, a tune plays
Judd Maddix Physio Ball People unable to tolerate traditional ball therapy can be successful with Physio-Rolls?. Motion is limited to forward and back and side to side, providing greater stability than a round ball.

Barbara Nantz Eye tracking I picked this device because I could see it used for many different motor disabilities. If a student doesn't have much control over their hand or body movements, this would help them to still be able to use a computer. This devise is set up to monitor the students eye movements on the monitor in order to navigate through a site. It is rather expensive so you don't see this used much. Its cost is in the thousands. They said that usually a mouth stick is used instead of this, but I feel that this investment can be used for a number of different motor disabilities and would be more flexible to many students than a mouth stick.
Barbara Nantz L*E*O L*E*O stands for Language and Ecu in One. It seems to be the best system for communicating for students with speech problems for the money. It is used to activate pre-recorded, digitized speech messages simply by touching pictures or symbols in a grid or scene. It cost around $799 but will make a speech disabled person able. It provides 3 different templates to use plus 32 minutes of recording time to customize your board. It only weighs 2 pounds and has a strap to carry anywhere. Some of the features are: All settings and controls are on-board, can enhance the programing with desktop software, interchangeable grids, multiple scanning and automatic controls, headphones for class use, and life-long rechargeable battery. The LEO will also use infrared commands to control lights, small appliances, VCR, TV, or DVD. I am not for sure how that relates to a speech problem or why that would be useful to a person with a speech problem, but they advertised it so I thought you should know about it. My personal use of this product would be to program numbers in so that the student would be able to answer questions when asked as long as I knew what numbers are programmed and I only asked when those number are the answers. I also think that it is good for social skills in a classroom. By being able to customize it, you can have a variety of comments that you would most likely hear a teenage say programmed in.

Angel ElliottSay-It! SAM Tablet SM1â„¢ in at just under 4 lbs., this device is portable and contains over 6,500 pictures and symbols, with the ability for the user to add more. Audio can also be recorded onto the device. This also comes with 9 different DEC voices, ranging from man, woman or child's voices. It provides a dictionary and phrase listings, as well as Spell-Assist? for those learning to spell correctly. It is pricey at $6675.
Angel ElliottBIG Button iPod Remote device would allow anyone to successfully control their Ipod. As shown in the picture, a stand for the iPod (purchased separately) could also be purchased. Struggles in trying to switch songs, get to a playlist, or even seeing the buttons are eliminated with this device. It is slightly angled and weighs approximately one pound. The Big Button remote is available for $99, while the stand for the iPod is only $49

Chandra HarperGame Box Controllers for XBox 360, XBox, PlayStation?, GameCube site shows a variety of game comtrollers that can be used with different game consoles. There are even adapters for those with severe motor disabilities that connect with larger buttons.
Chandra HarperBigKeys LX is an enlarged and simplified computer keyboard that is available in QWERTY or ABC format. It also has colored keys, black on white keys, or white on black keys that are 1 inch square, which are 4 times the original size. It comes with a left-right separator that helps students learn to use the correct hand to type certain letters. Cost: $159-$189

NameProduct NameLinkDescription (price, image, educational use )
Erica PriceFlopper Stopper
When positioned properly, the user's head cannot fall forward enough for gravity to make things difficult. One concern was, would the user stay *off* the switch. Yes (most of the time)! And since they *can* 'flop', it makes a great place to try a switch right under the chin. Someone go from a 'flopper' to a switch user, in an instant (sometimes). Cost is $109
Erica PriceGo Talk 9 Go Talk has a 45 message capacity and five recording levels. It also has three “core messages” which stay the same on each level so you don’t need to re-record essential messages for each level. I have just ordered three of these for nonverbal students within my district. I am so excited! Cost is $199

Rhonda Lowe from CHI Centers, Inc. Price: $995. This is a multilingual version software, with English, Spanish, French options and Male, Female Voice Options. Page 1 is the Main Categories page. After selection, page 2 has the Sub Categories options. After selection, page 3 has Items in Groups Categories. This software is for those with speech disabilities, including stroke patients, and could also be used for beginning readers and those learning new languages.
Rhonda Lowe Switch with Headset from Origin Instruments. Price: $295. This product translates sips and puffs into independent switch closures. It is a comfortable, adjustable head frame, compatible with other assistive technologies that employ head movement to enable. Designed for those with motor disabilities, but could possibly be used for those needing to multi task, using their hands holding a baby, sewing, writing . . .

Carla MaloneBig Mac Switch BIGmack Communicator is designed for those with motor, visual or cognitive impairments. It offers a large surface, durable construction, 75 seconds of recording time and an external speaker jack. Easy to set up and easy to use. the price for this product is $104.00I think that the educational benefits are that this product allows the students to interact will the class. They can participate in activities that otherwise they would be excluded from.
Carla MaloneTouch Screen Monitor" non-glare touchscreen built into the case of a high-quality monitor. The advantage over an add-on touchscreen is that it is securely integrated whereas a touchscreen may fall off. For Windows machines with serial or USB ports. The cost of this product is $399.00. The educational benefits are that this is an actual monitor that allows the students access the computer when otherwise their motor skills may prohibit them from doing. this action opens so many avenues. It is well woth the price.

Amanda GreeneQ90D TTYhttp://www/hsdc.orgthe Q90D TTY is a communication device that allows individuals with hearing and speech proplems to communicate through the telephone. The device is capable of adapting to a regular telephone and compatible cell phones. The device includes a voice carry over system and hearing carry over system allowing individuals to type their messages back and forth. The device costs $250.00.
Amanda GreeneCrespeaker Crespeaker is a device used to communnicate with many pre-programmed phrases, words, and sentnces. The plain-speaking device is portable fitting into your pocket and running of off AA batteries. The device is equipped with the alphabet, arrows, a calculator, and dictionary. The device has the capabilitity of converting an English word into Spanish. The device costs $295.00.

Desirae GasparacPathfinder Plus Pathfinder is a powerful communications tool that features both a static keyboard plus a color dynamic display for a new generation of augmentative communication solutions. And it comes already set up with vocabulary (Unity 128), pictures, computer keyboard emulation and infrared controls. Price: $7,295.00
Desirae GasparacSingle-switch who have very limited mobility use this type of device. If a person can move only the head, for example, a switch could be placed to the side of the head that would allow the person to click it with head movements. This clicking action is usually interpreted by special software on the computer, allowing the user to navigate through the operating system, web pages, and other environments. Some software facilitates the typing of words by using an auto-complete feature that tries to guess what the person is typing, and allowing the person to choose between the words that it guesses.

Martin HallTextSpeak is a Portable speech communication aid that works without a computer. Textspeak creates a voice that instantly talks as you type. It Works on speaker and telephone lines so you can talk on the telephone. This is a perfect AAC augmentative communication aid for speech impaired individuals, or anyone who needs audio feedback with synthesized speech. I think this can be a good use for a small percent of the population at school. I do worry though that it may single out the students that have speech disabilities even more than they already are. The cost for this item is $379.00.
Martin Hall BIGmack BIGmack is a lightweight, easily transportable device that allows a message or a series of messages to be prerecorded. When the child touches the device the message is played back. When the prerecorded message corresponds to the classroom activities, the child is able to participate. I think this could be a great way for a nonverbal child to participate in the classroom discussion. The cost of this item is $104.00.

Amanda GreeneHead Wandwww.webaim.orgThe Head Wand is a device that is strapped to ones head with a wand that is attached to the helmet like device. The wand allows a person with limited mobility to interact with input devices such as a computer. The individual must move their head to control the wand which enables activity to be conducted with the input device. The cost of the Head Wand is $20.00.
Amanda GreeneElite Rolling Walkerwww.hugoslutes.comThe Elite Rolling Walker allows a person in need of assistance walking to move from place to place on a walker that rolls. The walker is light weight and contains a built-in seat for a person to rest while easily getting up and down with the access to the handles. The walker has 4 large wheels which allows for easy travel in a yard or on the concrete. The walker prices start around $150.00.

Amy Howard Speech Therapy Books ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing? Association) Certified Speech-Language? Pathologist Ronda Wojcicki has recognized the need for an informative, child-friendly introduction to speech therapy and has created a children’s book that will serve as an invaluable tool for any classroom teacher, speech therapist, or parent of a child in speech…..Speech Class Rules – An Introduction to Speech Therapy for Children. This 32 page, fully illustrated children’s book (for Kindergarten age and up) introduces and explains the concept of speech therapy while entertaining readers. Speech Class Rules closes with questions both for the classroom and home to facilitate further discussion and understanding. There is also a parent page with information regarding speech and language disorders. This is THE must-have therapy tool for the 2008-2009 school year. - (Directly taken from site) This book can help students and parents understand speech and language disorders.
Amy Howard Jigglers This product is used to message the mouth and face. This is used for speech therapy in infants and toddlers. I wanted to choose this product because my nephew used it in with his therapy and my sister-in-law seemed to think it helped him. This product isn't really used in the classroom but prepares students before they enter school.

Ronn VarneyQualiSPEAK Easy-to-use and fast communication application for every person who cannot speak or can speak with difficulty. Users will be able to verbally communicate by entering any text or selecting any Speech Items which will be automatically read out loud. The price is $250.
Ronn VarneyTurn-Talking takes the non-verbal person that needs conversation, on a guided tour of taking turns to talk (like turn-taking, only talking!). The price is $121.

Dana CroseStrategies for teaching students with motor/orthopedic Impairments site gives many many good suggestions for teaching students with motor impairments. I liked the suggestions on "considerations". They were common sense, but probably something that many of us don't consider, because we may not have experienced being in a wheelchair, etc. There are suggestions for modifying class requirements, modifying science lab activities and field trip outings, etc.
Dana CroseSpeechEasy for Stutteringhttp://www.speecheasy.comThis assistive technology device, geared for aiding those who stutter, has been featured at Kentucky Assitive Technology Loan Corporation meetings. It has been featured on the Oprah show. It reduces stuttering and helps to increase fluency. It is worn similar to a hearing aid and is hardly visible. The National Stuttering Association reports that this device uses Delayed Altered Auditory Feedback, or Frequency Altered Feedback, in the ear canal to increase the wearer's speech fluency.

Jonda BonzoMy Talking Dictionary unique bilingual picture dictionary introduces 750 widely used words, arranged thematically and enhanced with brilliant illustrations, language scripts, transliterations and a picture index. The hardback book comes with an interactive CD ROM, which allows you to hear spoken words over and over again, conduct speedy word searches, and practice vocabulary exercises. Themes cover Myself, Clothes, My Feelings, My Family, Fruits, Weather, Town, Sport, Numbers, etc. Hardback, 26cm x 32cm, has 64 pages of clearly laid out texts and pictures. Cost $ $39.95

Jonda BonzoGus! Dwell Cursor! Dwell Cursor provides a practical method of activating mouse button clicks (click, double click etc.) for users who have difficulty accessing standard mouse buttons, or who use one of the new "head pointing devices" that remotely control the cursor. Move the cursor over the item you want to "click", and Gus! Dwell Cursor automatically does the mouse clicking for you! Cost $127.00

(Rhonda Lowe) Oversized trackball mouse. A trackball mouse is not necessarily an assistive technology—some people without disabilities simply prefer it to the standard mouse—but it is often easier for a person with a motor disability to operate than a standard mouse. Someone may, for example, use a trackball mouse in conjunction with a head wand or mouth stick. It is relatively easy to manipulate a trackball with these devices and much harder to manipulate a standard mouse. Someone with tremors in the hands may also find this kind of mouse more useful because once the person moves the mouse cursor to the right location, there is less danger of accidentally moving the cursor while trying to click on the mouse button. A person with tremors in the hands could also manipulate the trackball mouse with a foot, if there is enough motor control in the feet.

(Rhonda Lowe) BIGtrack Trackball. The BIGtrack has a 3 inch trackball which makes it the largest trackball available. The large ball requires less fine motor control than a standard trackball and it is ruggedly built. It has a left and a right mouse click button located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted mouse clicks. The BIGtrack also allows for 2nd Mouse Connection both the BIGtrack and a second mouse can be connected allowing simultaneous participation. The bright large 3" trackball helps to make mouse movements easy and accurate. While the oversized buttons make mouse clicks simple for those with poor motor control. For even more access the BIGtrack is available in a switch adapted version. The switch adapted BIGtrack comes with two standard 1/8" plugs for two switches. Its left and right mouse clicks have been adapted so that you can use a switch for activation. (Switches sold separately) Get the BIGtrack Switch Adapted with PointSmart? for a total assistive technology solution. The BIGtrack is easy to install and works on any Windows or Macintosh computer that has a USB or PS/2 port. Just plug and play. Cost: $79.00 - $169.00. Company: Infogrip.

(Rhonda Lowe) Assistive Technology Speech Disability Phone Access "711" A new service exists for people with speech disabilities. Speech-to-Speech? (STS) relay service provides communications assistants for people with difficulty being understood by the public on the telephone. People can call toll free to reach an operator who is trained to be familiar with many speech patterns and to have excellent language recognition skills. The operator will place the call and repeat words as needed in a three way calling environment. STS is especially helpful for people who have difficulty typing, making use of a TTY device difficult. What is said on calls using a relay service is confidential. UCP Michigan offers free trainings to groups on use of the service. Contact Pam at (800) 828-2714. People may now reach both the Speech-to-Speech? Relay and the TTY/TDD Relay by simply dialing "711" nationwide!

(Rhonda Lowe) Communication Board Sets Functionally Speaking, developed by ATI, gives device users a powerful and flexible communication solution. The three sets of boards cover a wide range of conversational topics for use at home, school, and in the community. Functionally Speaking contains: over 40 customizable graphical boards for scene-based users over 150 ready-to-use functional boards in 2 levels for younger AAC users over 350 new graphics for easy customization of any board These board sets are created by professionals in the fields of AAC and education: John Standal, MS/CCC-SLP, and Christina Murray, B.S., Elementary Education. Functionally Speaking is available in two versions: The Speaking Dynamically Pro version is pre-installed at no charge on all Mercury and MiniMerc? devices and provided to Gemini device owners upon request. The VS Communicator 3 Pro version is pre-installed at no charge on devices shipped with VS Communicator 3 Pro and PCS Metafiles software. Functionally Speaking can be purchased separately for use on other systems.

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