Meet the Families and Hear Their Stories

Below are two families who co-authored this module on conflict resolution. Both families have been through different levels of interventions with schools. They offer sound ideas for alternatives to high-conflict options and interventions that work to proactively work with families before a high-conflict situation takes shape.


The Holland family - pictures of our family Our Story
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The Brennan Family - Our story



From Both Families:

Parent-Friendly Teacher Qualities

Below is a list of the qualities found in parent-friendly teachers. The Holland and Brennan families compiled this list as they reflected on the teachers who had made a difference in the lives of their families:

  1. A teacher who is focused on the developmental and educational needs of each individual child, looking first at the underlying challenges and goals to determine need, and only then to what resources are available to best meet those needs.
  2. Confidence in his/her own teaching abilities
  3. Knowledge of curriculum, special education law, service delivery, diagnoses, etc.
  4. Someone who is open to learning, collaborating on, and trying new strategies in collaboration with family and team members, and who can remain focused on the child’s individual needs as a motivation for those strategies.
  5. A life-long learner through continued education
  6. A pro-active communicator with parents and other team members to stay abreast of any potential changes in scheduling, service delivery and activities.
  7. Honest and open, transparent in their actions
  8. Someone who provides information and access to resources, as well as partners with parents when appropriate.  For example, attending SEAC (Special Education Advisory Council), PEP (Parents Educating Parents conference) and going with parents to the Inclusion Conference.
  9. Flexible and willing to learn new things (not a ‘know-it-all’)
  10. Proponent of kids’ abilities (not overly focused on ‘dis’abilities)