Welcome to this module on
conflict resolution for special education

(Transcript of recorded interview from family after mediation)

We know many of you have been frustrated - at times, extremely frustrated - with figuring out how best to support children with disabilities and their families.
In this online unit, we highlight the status of the relations between parents of children with disabilities and school districts- including problematic models and current statistics with regard to conflict. We also examine effective approaches to conflict resolution focused on bringing teachers, administrators and parents together as collaborators who design an educational experience focused on the child.

This online module has been built with input from two families (the Hollands and Brennans) to bring you useful information and solutions for handling potential conflict with families. It is our hope that this module will provide you with a proactive model for parent-school collaboration that will ultimately lead to successful relationships and appropriate problem solving that can best support students with disabilities and their families.


© Tracy Gershwin Mueller, Ph.D. and Stephanie L. Moore, Ph.D. University of Northern Colorado. This module was developed under the Sliver Grant from the Colorado Department of Education.